Digital Lending Solutions

Fydem helps banks deploy fully digital lending experiences in months rather than years.

We just released our new product FydEasy to convert your past big purchases to loans in seconds.


Designed by banking industry experts, our platform is secure, compliant and adapted to modern lending experiences. Our omnichannel solutions enable seamless consumer application so users can apply for loans everywhere online, without the need to upload documents, and get the funds instantly. With interchangeable APIs, our flexible is entirely adaptable to your needs, while powering new growth opportunities.


With just a few clicks, consumers gain immediate access to credit directly from the ecommerce, with up to 36 comfortable monthly installments.

Your interpretable open-banking scoring models built with the in-       production data

Machine learning algorithms quickly scan and evaluate consumer data, making credit accessible without the need for user-provided documentation, or human approval.

Fydem's platform orchestrates end-to-end APIs and allows you creating the best experiences for your customers

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Discover the power of immediate credit from anywhere.

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Fydem is a France-based startup founded in 2019 by Jonathan Dahan, a data scientist in the banking industry, and Nick van Roekel, an engineer in the oil industry.

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