Make everyday life easier.

Fydem introduces the power of immediate credit.

We just released our new product FydEasy to convert your past big purchases to loans in seconds.


We believe the best way to help the next generation understand their financial options, and build a more secure future, is to modernize the approach of credit distribution.


With just a few clicks, consumers gain immediate access to credit directly from the ecommerce, easily managed with up to 36 comfortable monthly installments.

Fydem analyzes a borrowers' financial credibility in seconds to unlock the credit and payment flexibility consumers want, right away.

Machine learning algorithms quickly scan and evaluate consumer data, making credit accessible without the need for user-provided documentation, or human approval.

Consumer outlines are measured to best identify financial preferences, highlight potential opportunities, and offer personalized credit options.

Our powerful analytic tool provides consumers with targeted product information to strengthen their fiscal knowledge, and offer resources to improve their financial well-being.



Discover the power of immediate credit from anywhere.

Read the Fydem blog and stay current on credit, instantly.

Blog is coming soon.

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Fydem is a France-based startup founded in 2019 by Jonathan Dahan, a data scientist in the banking industry, and Nick van Roekel, an engineer in the oil industry.

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